About Us

Today, BIOR has four branches throughout Baja California, becoming a main leader in the industry. Not only do we lead our region in biodegradable product collection, we are committed to reduce both water and environmental pollution, while striving to provide quality service to our clients.

Our Mission

At BIOR we are committed to working to reduce both water and environmental pollution. One of our daily goals is to collect and recycle UCO from businesses and industries, and convert it into biofuel; the environmentally responsible option.

Our Vision

To become the region leaders of biodegradable product collection, while providing quality services to our customers. All of this while supporting the global effort to mitigate climate change, aiming to preserve a good balance between industrial growth and the environment.

What We Do

  • Grease Trap Water and UCO (Used Cooking Oil) Collection and recycling, for the production of Biofuels.
  • General plumbing services.
  • Grease Trap selling and installation.
  • Tank and Cistern cleaning services, professionally mastered through industrial diving.
  • Grease Trap Water rendering.
  • Collection of food waste (such as bread, tortillas corn chips and flour) which is used in the Industry of Animal Feed production.